First established in 1969, Gymnastics Canada is the national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in Canada.

Gymnastics Canada works closely with the twelve Provincial Federations and the 700 local clubs to provide a broad range of programs and services to meet the needs of all participants. From athlete development to coaching and judging education, Gymnastics Canada sets the operating standards and practices for the sport in Canada. Our mandate is to promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics experience through the delivery of quality and safe gymnastics programming.

Gymnastics is a multi-discipline sport with two identities, one as a foundation sport and the other as a competitive sport. Gymnastics in Canada is governed by Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique (GCG), which is a federation of Provincial/Territorial members composed of clubs and individual members.


  • Gymnastics is recognized as one of the three foundation sports for all other sports by the IOC and Sport Canada;
  • Gymnastics Canada is a collective of 700 clubs & 12 Provincial Gymnastics Federations;
  • 300,000 individual members;
  • Organic annual growth rate of approximately 5%;
  • 90% of membership is enrolled in CANGYM recreational program;
  • 20,000 competitive gymnasts across Canada;
  • 7,500 registered certified coaches
    • 65% female, 35% male gymnasts
  • Age breakdown of gymnasts:
    • < 6: 27%
    • 6-12: 55%
    • 13-18:10%
    • >18: 8%