Athena Tsaltas – Retired

Birthplace: Toronto, ON
Year of Birth: 2000
Club: Salut RG
Favourite Event:
Sr. National Team since: 2016
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Getting into the sport: Started rhythmic gymnastics at age 7…She became interested after watching Kaitlyn James train.

Outside Interests: Traveling, figure skating, piano, ballet.

Odds and Ends: Athena used to be a figure skater and finished all levels in Can Skate at age 5. She also reached swimming level 7 at the age of 6. Athena also started playing piano at the age of 2 and completed her Royal Conservatory levels up to grade 5.

Svetlana Joukova

Toronto, ON

First Last

  • 2018
  • Pacific Rim Championships (Medellin, COL)
  • 2nd Team, 5th A-Around, 4th Ball, 7th Clubs, 5th Ribbon
  • 2018
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 2nd A-Around, 4th Hoop, 5th Ball, 3rd Clubs, 2nd Ribbon
  • 2017
  • Canadian Championships (Edmonton, AB)
  • 3rd A-Around, 3rd Hoop, 4th Ball, 4th Clubs, 3rd Ribbon
  • 2017
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 3rd A-Around, 3rd Hoop, 3rd Ball, 3rd Clubs, 3rd Ribbon
  • 2016
  • Canadian Championships (Winnipeg, MB)
  • 6th A-Around, 8th Hoop, 12th Ball, 5th Clubs, 7th Ribbon
  • 2016
  • Elite Canada (Vancouver, BC)
  • 8th A-around, 14th Hoop, 6th Ball, 7th Clubs, 6th Ribbon