Danielle Gruber

Birthplace: Kelowna, BC
Year of Birth: 1998
Club: Gymnastics BC
Favourite Event:Double Mini-Trampoline
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Beginnings: Got her start in gymnastics at the age of six in her hometown of Kelowna, BC. 

Most memorable moment: Competing at her first Canada Cup – she was at the provincial level, but it was her first time she saw the higher level national athletes competing.

Odds and Ends: Is fluent in French… Would like to travel to Europe for a year to soak in the culture… admires Karen Cockburn.

Favourite quote: Everything will be ok when you’re ok with everything.

  • 2015
  • World Championships (Odense, DEN)
  • 7th Double Mini-Trampoline, 4th Team Double Mini Trampoline
  • 2015
  • Canadian Championships (Calgary, AB)
  • 1st Double Mini-Trampoline

Danielle Gruber

Rusty Pierce

Kelowna, BC