Canadian High Performance


The Canadian High Performance Program (HP) is the preferred pathway for athletes aspiring towards National Team. It’s the pathway that will lead a gymnast towards the pursuit of excellence and achievement of medals at the highest international level. The HP models and identified technical guidelines foster the development of exquisite technique and technical proficiency to assist in the development of young athletes as they prepare for FIG level competition. The models are intended for coaches to apply for each gymnast, on an individual basis to optimize that gymnast’s skills and abilities. Coaches may have different strategies for each gymnast, even on different events, depending upon the difficulty values of elements, the execution, the ability to connect elements and the consistency of performing skills and whole routines.

The objective for the HP Program has been set out by the Women’s Program Committee of Gymnastics Canada as follows:

To provide technical leadership support and guidelines for athlete development through Novice, Junior, and Senior HP categories with the goal of sustaining international success from within our National Teams.

The HP Program has three levels:


Ages 11 to 13

For Novices, the HP model is designed to specifically develop and prepare these young gymnasts for future excellence by incorporating various predicted international trends and directions. Novices will be evaluated according to the FIG Code of Points and are eligible to receive additional bonus through the HP models.


Ages 12-15

There are no models developed for the Junior category. Gymnasts compete the modified FIG rules for the Junior level. The HP rules do provide technical performance expectations and identify preferred technique and body position. These expectations are used for the evaluation of routines under the High Performance models.  


Ages 15 and older in Canada.  Must be 16 and older internationally

Competing pure FIG rules, with modifications on vault and some equipment modifications. The Senior category is the highest level in international gymnastics. In Canada, some equipment modifications have been introduced for most competitions. 

Documents In Effect: 

For the technical documents please visit our documents page. 

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