The NCCP is currently transitioning away from delivering Level 1, 2, and 3 programming. The Levels-NCCP courses have been replaced by competency based coach education opportunities that are grouped into three main streams: Competition Stream, Instruction Stream, and Community Sport Stream. Gymnastics Canada has completed the development of our Community Sport Stream NCCP programs, and our Competition Stream NCCP programs are currently in development. We will not have any Instruction Stream programs.

For the current state of our NCCP courses, please click here.

Gymnastics Canada’s Coach Education Program adheres to the standards of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as set out by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC).

With the Provincial/Territorial Gymnastics Organizations (PTOs), Gymnastics Canada mandates that any individual coaching in a Gymnastics Canada member club must be a trained or certified coach under the NCCP for the gymnastics discipline in which they are coaching. Along with the development and delivery of the NCCP to coaches throughout the country, Gymnastics Canada works closely with the PTOs (who are responsible for hosting and scheduling NCCP courses) to ensure that our member clubs continue to provide sound training programs in a safe learning environment that meet the needs of all gymnastics participants.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a standardized coach education program available and accessible throughout Canada. Identified as a world leader in coach education, the NCCP ensures all coaches receive training based on best practices in instructional design, ethical decision‐making, and with content that is relevant, current and which leads to the development of competent coaches. The NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is designed and delivered in partnership with the Government of Canada, 65 National Sport Organizations (NSOs), 13 Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs), and the Coaching Association of Canada™.

The Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada™ (CAC) unites stakeholders and partners in its commitment to raising the skills and stature of coaches, and ultimately expanding their reach and influence. Through its programs, the CAC empowers coaches with knowledge and skills, promotes ethics, fosters positive attitudes, builds competence, and increases the credibility and recognition of coaches.

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