Coach Developers

Who coaches the coaches? NCCP Coach Developers do!

According to the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), Coach Developers “are not simply experienced coaches or transmitters of coaching knowledge – they are trained to develop, support, and challenge coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills in order to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants.” In short, Coach Developers need to be experts in learning, as well as experts in coaching.

NCCP Coach Developers include Learning Facilitators, Coach Evaluators, and Master Coach Developers.

The typical pathway for someone who wants to be a Coach Developer involves the following steps:

Training: Coach Developer candidates must complete rigorous training, and this training is now being made consistent across Canada. The following training is required by all Coach Developers:

  1. Core Training: Provides Coach Developers with the skills to perform their role. For a calendar of upcoming training opportunities, please click here.
  2. Content-specific Training (sport or multi-sport): This includes microfacilitation which gives Coach Developers an opportunity to practise delivery with their peers.
  3. Co-delivery: This is a chance for the new Coach Developer to practise with real coaches alongside an experienced Coach Developer.

Once a Coach Developer has all of the above training pieces they are considered “TRAINED”.

Evaluation: Evaluation confirms that the Coach Developer is capable of certain abilities which are deemed important in the training of coaches.

Once a Coach Developer has been evaluated they are considered: “CERTIFIED”.

Resources for GymCan Coach Developers;

Learning Facilitator Information Package

Coach Evaluator Information Package

Master Coach Developer Information Package

Do you want to become a Coach Developer? Visit for more information, then contact your PTO for upcoming training opportunities.

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