Frequently Asked Questions

Once I am TRAINED how do I become CERTIFIED?

Certification means that the TRAINED coach has been evaluated by a Gymnastics Canada NCCP trained or certified evaluator, according to specific evaluation critera. To become certified you must complete a portfolio and evaluation. Certification is context-specific, which means that separate evaluations are required for a trained coach to become certified in Acrobatics, Active Start, Aerobics, Artistic, Rhythmic, or Trampoline Gymnastics. For more information, click here.

Do I have to be CERTIFIED in Gymnastics Foundations to move to the competition stream?

No. Trained Gymnastics Foundations coaches may attend context specific Competition-Introduction courses and will be recognized on the CAC Database.

How long do I have between the date I take a coaching course and the date of completing my evaluation?

There is NO time requirement between the coach taking a coaching course and completing the evaluation. However, we recommend that you go back to your gym and apply what you learned before completing the evaluation.

Do I have to be certified to coach at a club?

A coach who is TRAINED can coach at a club and have sole responsibility for a group of gymnasts, provided there is INDIRECT supervision from a certified coach. A club could have several TRAINED coaches working at once, each with their own group of gymnasts, with one certified supervisor in charge of the gym. 

How do I complete the evaluation?

For the Gymnastics Foundations coach evaluation guide click here.

For the Competition 1 (MAG/WAG) coach evaluation guide click here.

For the Competition 2 (MAG/WAG) coach evaluation guide click here.

Can my head coach or supervisor evaluate me?

No. A Gymnastics Canada trained or certified NCCP coach evaluator is the only person who is able to complete your evaluation. Contact your Provincial Gymnastics Federation to find a Gymnastics Canada trained or certified NCCP coach evaluator in your area.

How do I assist my new coach through their training and certification?

The GymCan “NCCP at a Glance” document provides an overview of process and curriculum.

I am a certified coach in the “old” NCCP-Levels system, where do I fit in the new system?

The GymCan “Transfer of qualifications” document allows a coach to compare their NCCP training/certification status from the “old” system to the new system, and identify their level of training/certification as well as any new/additional training requirements.

Who does ‘maintenance of certification’ apply to?

All coaches certified in the current NCCP must maintain their certification status by completing professional development.

Why do I need to maintain my certification?

Maintenance of certification, through proof of ongoing learning (Professional Development) and active coaching is viewed as essential to athlete performance and the integrity of the NCCP.

How do I earn Professional Development (PD) points?

For a guide on how to earn PD points click here.

How do I check my PD points?

Log into the Locker for an up-to-date record of your PD points. www.coach.ca

What will I have to do to ensure that my PD points are recorded on my transcript?

Simply indicate to the organizer of the event that you wish to receive PD points for attending. The organization that is coordinating or hosting the event or activity is responsible for entering into The Locker the names of participating coaches. If it is a GymCan approved event, you will automatically receive the PD points assigned to that event.

Is there a limit on the number of PD points I can accumulate?

No. You only need to earn the required number of points to maintain certification; however, you can accumulate as many PD points as you want. Please note that you cannot carry forward any points into the next cycle. Once the cycle ends, PD points are re-set to zero.

What if I am certified in two different contexts?

If you are certified in two contexts within a sport, your accumulated PD points will apply to both contexts. The number of points required to maintain certification will be determined by whichever context requires the highest number of PD points.

What happens to my NCCP Certification if I do not complete the required PD points in the time allowed?

Your “Certified” status will change to “Certified-not renewed”. As soon as you complete the remaining required number of points, your “Certified” status will return. At any time a coach can complete another evaluation. A successful evaluation gives you all required PD points.

Who can I contact if my PD points do not show up on my transcript?

The best starting point is the organization that coordinated the event, since they are responsible for entering the data. If, for example, you attended a workshop organized by Sport Manitoba, you should start by contacting Sport Manitoba to confirm that the data from the workshop has been entered into the Locker. If it has been entered and it still does not appear on your transcript, you can contact Coach Services at the CAC: 

What if I am under the age of 15 years old and want to coach?

If you are 13-14 years of age and want to coach check out the pre-CIT program here.

I am a current or former national team athlete looking to coach, where do I start?

Current and former national team athletes can complete an evaluation challenge. More information can be found here.

I am a coach that wants to coach in Canada, where do I start?

Experienced coaches who have completed coach education training outside of Canada can complete an evaluation challenge. More information can be found here.

How much does a course cost?

Course costs are determined by Provincial/Territorial Gymnastics Federations. For more information click here.


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