Canadian Elite Pathway Program


This program has been prepared with the goal of developing a higher level of elite performance for Canada. Canada has the talent to be amongst the top teams in the world. We have proven our ability in the past and we will rise to the challenge in the next cycle. The progressive development set out within the Elite Pathway will help to properly prepare our athletes for international success in individual and team competitions over the next 8 years.

The revised Elite Pathways develop the young talented gymnasts’ technique and routine structure to define a Canadian style and prepare these athletes for international excellence. These routines are designed to be challenging for all of our athletes and coaches, but are achievable for the talent pool in the country. The Provincial Pathways program will also provide a challenge and will be similar to the Elite program, though with reduced expectations to be developmentally appropriate.

An athlete who is following the preferred pathway to elite gymnastics would have a career path that resembles the following:

Gymnast Age


Years in level

Age 7

Provincial 1

One year

Age 8

Elite 1

One year

Age 9

Elite 2

One year

Age 10 – 11

Elite 3

Two years

Age 12 – 14

Elite 4

Three years

Age 15 – 17


Three years

Age 18




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