GymCan Policies



Individuals participating in all disciplines of gymnastics in Canada, including athletes, coaches, officials, sport administrators, volunteers and others should be able to engage in a positive sport environment that is free from abuse, maltreatment, and discrimination. Our Safe Sport policies are intended to provide a comprehensive set of principles that establish expected behaviour, guide decision-making, and promote accountability for all individuals associated with Gymnastics Canada. Further policies will be made available as they are developed or revised, and approved. 

If you are concerned about the welfare of a participant, and/or believe there has been a contravention of these policies, please report your concerns.

For national team and Gymnastics Canada events/activities, please contact the following toll free number to access an independent Safe Sport expert: 1-833-913-1304

Please visit our REPORTING page for more information, resources, and support.


Please note that the safe sport policies listed above REPLACE the policies found in the following document.

GymCan Operational Policies & Procedures Manual (March 2014/Revised Dec 2017)

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