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Canada collects five medals at International Aerobic Gymnastics Championships

All the gymnasts made an excellent showing in the Individual and World Age Group Aerobic categories placing well within a strong competitive field attended by 15 countries. The biggest thrill was to see Canada capture one bronze and four silver medals in the Youth Aerobics and Aerodance divisions.

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches: Amber Ferrell-Tait (Brantford), Louise Miller (Perth), Kasey Whalen, Nicole Mignano and Cristina Bontas-Tantaru (Hamilton) for all their dedication and hard work.


Silver – World Age Group 2 Trio: Sioma Fonseca, Sarah Cameron, Megan Cameron (WCG)

Silver – World Age Group 2 Mixed Pair: Paige Guyatt & Elias Ellis (WCG)

Silver – Junior Aerodance Team: Penelope Patterson, Lera Horsfall, Katie Hustins, Hannah Graham, Rylin Kilpatrick (PSA)

Silver – Varsity Aerodance Team: Emma Clapham, Naomi Lancia, Olivia Hindle, Natalie Galletti, Elissa Tantaru, Paige Guyatt, Sarah Cameron, Megan Cameron (WCG)

Bronze – Varsity Aerodance Trio: Abigail Cook, Nikola Marsillo, Makayla Mignano  (WCG)


Junior Showcase – National Development: Lera Horsfall (PSA), Penelope Patterson (PSA)

Junior Showcase – Aerodance: Eva Aragian (WCG)

Varsity Aerodance: Keeley Turbitt (WCG), Lauren Reeves (WCG), Elissa Tantaru (WCG)

World Age Group 1: Jenna Neil (PSA), Nikola Marsillo (WCG), Grace Lockett (PSA)

World Age Group 2: Olivia Hindle (WCG), Sarah Cameron (WCG)

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