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Canada wins 4 titles at Junior Commonwealth Gymnastics Championships

Rémi Aubin from Rosemère, QC earned the individual trampoline title, while Benjamin Lagacé from St-Basile-le-Grand, QC combined efforts with Jérémy Chartier from Montréal to win the synchronized trampoline event.‎ Lagacé also took the gold in double mini-trampoline (DMT).

“I am very surprised to win this competition,” said Aubin. “I didn’t really have any expectations coming in – not knowing what the level was going to be like. It proves that you have to complete three routines to have a successful meet and I am very happy about this.”

Éliane Ross from Varennes, QC was leading the women’s individual trampoline competition after the preliminaries but wasn’t able to repeat her performance in the finals and was edged by two athletes from Wales to take the bronze.

‎Aubin, Chartier, Lagacé, and Zachary Lavallée joined together to take the team title in men’s individual trampoline by a large margin (273,575) over second place Namibia (222,285) and third place South Africa (179,695). Aubin and Lagacé also took silver in the men’s DMT team competition with a score of 132,200 behind first place South Africa with a score of 194,109.

“The caliber of the competition in DMT was high. There was no room for mistakes and I completed my second best score ever,” said Lagacé. “It was my second international meet in DMT so I think this helped me a lot. I did everything I planned, and I couldn’t have asked for more.”

‎”Despite only four Federations participating, Canada felt we had to support the first time trampoline gymnastics has been invited into the Commonwealth family as this is the possible entry door for an eventual participation of trampoline at the Commonwealth Games. We are hoping to participate at the next edition in two years planned to be in Malaysia as well,” said Stephan Duchesne, High Performance Director for trampoline gymnastics at Gymnastics Canada.


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