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Meet Our Champions – Patricia Bezzoubenko

How did you first get involved in gymnastics?

I started gymnastics when I was four years old. Since the very first day I was in love with this sport. I started gymnastics because of my mom. She saw me dancing everywhere and all the time, that’s why she wanted me to use this energy somewhere in sport. Everyone understood that gymnastics would become the meaning of my life.

What about gymnastics has kept you interested in the sport?

I found so much passion in this sport. I didn’t even look at it as an athlete. I was interested in it because my soul felt so comfortable in gymnastics. There is an incredible mix of art and sport in rhythmic gymnastics that I felt in my heart so naturally.

How did you manage splitting your time training between Russia and Canada?

When I realized that I really can improve in gymnastics, I decided that I need to forget about any problems. I was trying to make a good training plan for a whole year with my coach. When you can carefully manage your time you can achieve more than you think.

What was your greatest accomplishment in your gymnastics career?

I’m so proud that I was part of the Commonwealth Games Canadian team. I have so many good memories from that competition. Especially if your hard work can give you more than just participation. To be honest, I can say that the biggest accomplishment in any sport is when you grow as a person which then helps you overcome obstacles that life puts in front of you.

Describe yourself in three words.

“Looking only forward.”

What is your advice for the next generation of gymnasts?

I can say that people should use every single minute to become better. Use every single minute to enjoy your life. No matter how difficult it is.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever had was to believe in myself. When I finished gymnastics I realized that I’ve lost a lot because I didn’t completely follow that advice. After sport I’ve changed more than I can imagine in my attitude. Sport is helping in my life even after my career.

What are your plans in this next stage of your life?

I want to spend time doing what I love. It will be amazing to have opportunities to share my knowledge and experience with the upcoming generation. I think we should bring something great into this world. Isn’t it wonderful when you are able to inspire people? All of us should do even small things to make this world better.

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