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Three Canadians Crowned in Trampoline

Milette won the title in the senior category. She finished first with a score of 159.785, before Japanese Ayano Kishi (157.240) and her own teammate Sophiane Méthot (156.700).

“It really was a good day for me today. I’m really proud of my performance in the preliminary round. I’m happy, because my routines really show the hard work I’ve done recently,” she said.

She pointed out a few things to work on before her next competition. “I’ll try to make my routine more difficult but still keep the height. I think a lot about how to improve my execution,” said the trampoliner from Quebec.

After the Canada Cup, Milette will be flying to Italy to meet new challenges. “We’re leaving for the Cup in Italy on Monday. I’d like to perform as well as I did here. After that we have the Canadian Championships, during which I’d like to perform new routines,” explained the athlete.

On the men’s side, the Skyriders Trampoline Place dominated the competition. Jason Burnett was the big winner with a total score of 164.855. He shared the podium with his teammates Jake Cranham (163.850) and Trevor Stirling (156.544), respectively second and third.

“Competition went very well for me today. I’ve been practicing safer routines with lower degree of difficulty but focusing on travel, time of flight, and form opposed to DD right now. I’m feeling very in control and it worked out for me today,” said Burnett.

The athlete from Ontario will now work on increasing his level of difficulty before the Canadian Championships in two months.

In the junior category, Gavin Dodd (150.270), representing the Kamloops Gymnastics & Trampoline Centre, had the highest score of the day. Roman Carlson (Calgary Gymnastics Centre) was second with a score of 150.040, and Kai Dwyer (Titans Gymnastics) finished in third place with 148.150 points.

“Im really happy with my competition today. It was one of my best routines, and my best ever time of flight,” said Dodd, who will work more on this aspect to prepare for his next individual competition.

 Canada Cup 2018 continues on Sunday.

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