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Gymnastics coaches suspended pending internal investigation of policy violations

The provisional suspensions are in keeping with Gymnastics Canada’s complaint management protocol and is the standard procedure for when complaints are received by the organization. The next step in the process will be the initiation of an investigation into the complaints in accordance with Gymnastics Canada policies. It is anticipated that the investigation may take up to a month to complete. We request that the public respect the privacy of those impacted and the neutrality of the process throughout its entirety. Gymnastics Canada is working actively to address the matter and to ensure a prompt and accurate resolution.

Gymnastics Canada and the Alberta Gymnastics Federation are committed to a positive and safe sport environment for all participants in the sport of Gymnastics. Both organizations will work closely with the parents and athletes of the club to ensure that the needs of the athletes are met during this suspension period.

Gymnastics Canada acknowledges, understands, and embraces our responsibility to take a leadership role in creating and preserving gymnastics environments that ensure positive, healthy, and fulfilling learning and training experiences for all of our participants. To that end, together with our provincial partners and member clubs, we are continuing to implement a safe sport framework for gymnastics across the country. This includes policy, education, and advocacy initiatives designed to help members identify potentially unsafe situations and to take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes, providing safe channels for athletes to communicate concerns with respect to their safety and well-being without risk of reprisals, and enhancing enforcement mechanisms for addressing individuals who breach safe sport policies.


First established in 1969, Gymnastics Canada has been supporting the mastery of movement in Canada for five decades as the national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in Canada. We work closely with the twelve provincial federations and 700 local clubs to provide a broad range of programs and services to meet the needs of all participants. From athlete development, to coach and judge education, Gymnastics Canada sets the operating standards and practices for the sport in Canada. Our mandate is to promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics experiences through the delivery of quality and safe gymnastics programming. for more information, or follow us @gymcan1. From here, we soar.


For more information, contact:

Julie Forget
Director, Communications and Marketing
Gymnastics Canada
Office: 613.748.5637 x 233
Cell: 819.210.2064

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