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Canadian team announced for 2019 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

These championships are the first chance for the individual athletes to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, JPN, with the top-16 (two per country) from the individual all-around competition qualifying a spot for their country at the Games. For the groups, the Top-5 finishers in the general competition will also punch their tickets for Tokyo (excluding Russia, Italy, and Bulgaria who qualified at the 2018 World Championships).

 “Canada will be well represented by an experienced team of athletes who are looking to continue their steady improvement in their international results at these Championships,” said Ian Moss, CEO of Gymnastics Canada. “Our individual athletes have certainly shown their potential to be within striking distance of the Olympic qualification standard, while our Group athletes are ready to compete their significantly improved routines in front of a world audience as they continue on their journey to qualify for Tokyo.”

Rhythmic gymnastics National Team Director Teresa Orr added: “We are eager to see our Group perform this weekend in their final World Challenge Cup in Portugal before heading into the World Championships. There have been many exciting changes created in both of their compositions since the Pan Am Games which has increased their difficulty remarkably. The group’s determination and drive the past few weeks concluded with a very successful control training prior to their departure next week.”

The group will travel on to Spain following this weekend’s competition for a camp before departing for Baku on the 17th.  The individuals have been training diligently in both Toronto and Sofia, Bulgaria and will head to Worlds on September 11th.


  • Sophie Crane, Toronto, ON – Jusco RG (will compete ball, clubs, and ribbon)
  • Natalie Garcia, Mississauga, ON – Mississauga Newnorth (will compete hoop, clubs, and ribbon)
  • Katherine Uchida, Toronto, ON – Jusco RG (will compete all 4 apparatus)

Coaches: Stefka Moutafchieva (Jusco); Tatjana Dolic (Newnorth)


  • Carmel Kallemaa, Toronto, ON
  • Diana Noskova, Concord, ON
  • Vanessa Panov, Toronto, ON
  • Alexandra Udachina, Toronto, ON
  • Carmen Whelan, Aurora, ON
  • Alexandra Zilyuk, Richmond Hill, ON

Coaches: Mira Filipova, Mimi Masleva
Therapist: Angela Greco
Judges: Daniela Arendasova (individual); Polina Tzankova (group); Victoria Ataol (FIG Reference Judge)

COMPETITION SCHEDULE (all times local GMT +4):

  • Monday, Sept 16 @ 12:00 – RGI Qualification (Hoop or Ball) – Canada is Group B
  • Tuesday, Sept 17 @ 10:00 – RGI Qualification (Hoop or Ball) – Group B
  • Tuesday, Sept 17 @ 19:30 – RGI Hoop Final
  • Tuesday, Sept 17 @ 20:05 – RGI Ball Final
  • Wednesday, Sept 18 @ 12:00 – RGI Qualification (Clubs or Ribbon) – Group B
  • Thursday, Sept 19 @ 09:00 – RGI Qualification (Clubs or Ribbon) – Group B
  • Thursday, Sept 19 @ 19:30 – RGI Clubs Final
  • Thursday, Sept 19 @ 20:05 – RGI Ribbon Final
  • Friday, Sept 20 @ 14:30 – RGI All-Around Final Group B (rank 13-24)
  • Friday, Sept 20 @ 17:40 – RGI All-Around Final Group A (rank 1-12)
  • Saturday, Sept 21 @ 14:30 – RGG Competition Group A (Canada), (5 Balls and 3 Hoops + 2 Pairs of clubs)
  • Sunday, Sept 22 @ 14:30 – RGG 5 Balls Final
  • Sunday, Sept 22 @ 15:15 – RGG 3 Hoops + 2 Pairs of Clubs Final


First established in 1969, Gymnastics Canada has been supporting the mastery of movement in Canada for five decades as the national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in Canada. We work closely with the twelve provincial federations and 700 local clubs to provide a broad range of programs and services to meet the needs of all participants. From athlete development, to coach and judge education, Gymnastics Canada sets the operating standards and practices for the sport in Canada. Our mandate is to promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics experiences through the delivery of quality and safe gymnastics programming. for more information, or follow us @gymcan1. From here, we soar. 


For more information, contact:

Julie Forget
Director, Communications and Marketing
Gymnastics Canada
613.748.5637 x 233
Cell: 819.210.2064


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