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Gymnastics Canada statement in response to the criminal charges against Thierry Pellerin

At this time, GymCan will not comment further on the matter or any of the allegations raised until the judicial process progresses and further information is available. GymCan will cooperate with the Lévis Police Service and may implement further measures as information becomes available. GymCan remains committed to the wellbeing of all participants in our collective programming and we will work closely with Gymnastics Quebec to provide support services to athletes or individuals impacted by this situation.

If anyone has any information related to this investigation, please contact the Lévis Police Service at 418-832-2911. A confidential line is also available at 418-835-5436 (TEL-LIEN).

As the national governing body for gymnastics, we acknowledge, understand and embrace our responsibility to take a leadership role in creating and preserving gymnastics environments that ensure positive, healthy and fulfilling experiences for all our participants. To that end, together with our provincial partners and member clubs, we are continuing to implement a safe sport framework across the country which includes updated policies to better reflect participant well-being and safety; a proactive approach to complaint management with engagement from a third party professional, and appropriate enforcement mechanisms for addressing individuals who breach safe sport policies; safe channels for athletes to communicate concerns with respect to their safety and well-being without risk of reprisals; and consistent educational engagement with the gymnastics community to optimize athlete welfare.

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For further information, please contact:

Ian Moss
Chief Executive Officer
Cell: 613.762.0675

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