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Rémi Aubin captures first senior title in Individual Men’s Trampoline category at the 2021 Virtual Canadian Championships in Trampoline Gymnastics

Held virtually, the 2021 Canadian Championships saw over 200 athletes submit videos of their routines taken at their home gyms from, September 24 to October 3, 2021. Judging then took place October 8 and 9, as well as October 23 and 24. Awards were handed out for the following categories: senior, junior, and levels 6, 6 and 7 in all three disciplines of Trampoline Gymnastics. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in some provinces, not all eligible athletes elected to compete.  This event served as part of the team selection for the 2021 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships and World Age Group Competitions, to be held later this month in Baku, Azerbaijan. The format for Canadian Championships is based on the cumulative score of preliminaries and finals.


Rémi Aubin (École les Dynamix, QC) took the gold medal in the senior trampoline men’s event, with a total score of 168.110. Keegan Soehn (Thunder Country, AB) took silver with 165.930, and Jake Cranham (Skyriders, ON) finished in third with 162.385.


“I am very proud of my performance at Canadian Championships. I worked hard and smart in training with my coach Antoine Vallières to get this result. With the death of my grandfather a week before the event, I had to persevere to surpass myself at the key moment. In the end, I came out with the best score in my career at my first Senior Canadian Championships, and that gives me confidence for the future!” said Rémi Aubin, “In preparation of World Championships, considering my recent integration into the Senior National Team, I am mainly looking to gain experience for what will come in the next few cycles. I am excited about my first international competition with the Canadian Senior Team.”


The gold medal winner for senior women’s trampoline was Sophiane Méthot (Virtuose Centre Acrobatique, QC), with a total score of 159.020, followed by Sarah Milette (Virtuose Centre Acrobatique, QC), in second position with 158.810, and Rachel Tam (Skyriders, ON) in third with 158.230.


“I was really happy with my performance, I did 3 great routines and reached my goals for the Canadian Championships,” said Sophiane Méthot, “I’m really looking forward to traveling and getting back on a real stage for World Championships. This will be my first in-person performance since the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m excited to get back to the adrenaline of competing. I hope to make semi-finals in individual and to make it to finals in synchro.”


Gavin Dodd (KGTC, BC) captured the gold medal in the men’s competition in double-mini trampoline with a total score of 141.80. Justin Lefaivre (École les Dynamix, QC) finished in second with 134.60, while Nolan Zurek (Phoenix Gymnastics Centre, AB) finished in third with 131.80.


“I was happy with how I performed in double mini finals especially because I had injured my ankle in trampoline prelims the previous day.  I was disappointed I was unable to do the passes I had planned to do but was thrilled that I was able to compete and perform my double mini passes as well as I did,” said Gavin Dodd. “I’m glad that competitions next year will be in person again with fellow athletes so we can all get back into the routine of competing outside of our gyms and that the training can feel more normal for this year. My focus this year is to work hard to maintain my spot on national team and to continue working on new skills and new passes.”


Kayla Howell (Club Aviva, BC) won the women’s event with a score of 132.40 in her first Canadian event in the senior category on double-mini trampoline. Taking the silver medal was Hannah Brown (Shasta, BC) with 132.00. Taking bronze was Kristina Dodd (KGTC, BC) with 125.90.


Kayla Howell said, “Overall I am super happy with my performance at Nationals and am looking forward to in person competitions in the next year and opportunities to compete internationally. My focus this year will be on learning new skills and increasing my DD. I am also very thankful for the support I’ve had from my coaches: Jake Maxim and Lauren Ensworth.”


In the discipline tumbling, Mitchel Pedersen (Calgary Gymnastics Centre, AB) took the gold medal with a preliminary score of 50.70. Helen Dong (Oakville Gymnastics, ON) captured the gold medal in women’s tumbling with a combined score of 120.70 in her first ever senior competition, while Taylor Pillinger (Dynamo, ON) took the silver with 117.90.


In the men’s trampoline and double-mini trampoline junior competition, Étienne Cloutier (Dynamix, QC) finished first with a score of 147.440 (trampoline) and 56.80 in the Preliminary Round (double-mini trampoline). Winning gold in junior women’s trampoline was Lily-Ann Ulmer from Calgary Gymnastics Centre (131.60). 


“We had over 200 athletes compete at our virtual Canadian Championships. I would like to extend our congratulations to our newly crowned Canadian champions and all of the athletes, coaches and judges who participated in the event. We hope to see you in person at next year’s Championships.” said Karen Cockburn, National Team Director for trampoline gymnastics at Gymnastics Canada.


Full results and submitted videos are available for viewing here:



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