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Canada wins silver and bronze medals at 2015 ANAC International Aerobic Gymnastics Championship

Megan Sutton from World Class Gymnastics in Hamilton, Ont. captured bronze in Varsity Individual AeroDance, and the Junior AeroDance team of Grace Lockett, Jenna Neil, Olivia Merpaw, Lucy McNamee, and Julia Millard from Saltos Athletics in Perth, Ont won silver in the youth finals.

The Varsity (15-17 years old) AeroDance Group from World Class Gymnastics of Elissa Tantaru, Sarah Cameron, Paige Guyatt, Natalie Galletti, Siomara Fonseca, Naomi Lancia, and Emma Clapman finished 8th in their finals.

Team coaches Louise Miller (Saltos Athletics), Cristina Bontas-Tantaru (Head Coach, World Class Gymnastics), Kasey Whalen and Nicole Mignano (Assistant Coaches, World Class Gymnastics), trained and prepared their athletes well – many of whom were competing internationally for the first time.

Qualifying performances for the World Age Group/Youth Finals were by:

  • Grace Lockett (Saltos), Mia Till (World Class): Individual Women National Development;
  • Jenna Neil (Saltos), Niki Marsillo (World Class): Individual Women World Age Group 1;
  • Hannah Adrian (Saltos): Individual Women World Age Group 2;
  • Siomara Fonseca, Megan Sutton (World Class): Individual Women AeroDance Varsity;
  • Lockett, Neil, Merpaw, McNamee, Millard (Saltos): Junior AeroDance Group;
  • Tantaru, Cameron, Guyatt, Galletti, Fonseca, Lancia, Clapman (World Class): Varsity AeroDance Group.

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