Gymnastics Canada is pleased to launch the first part of the new CanGym program for registered clubs across Canada

The new program includes a revitalized CanGym brand identity, a new online interactive platform, updated curriculum, new video content, and more. The platform is currently in its pilot phase and will have continual updates in the coming months to improve functionality. The power of gymnastics is that it supports fundamental development and coordination, strengthens participants mentally and socially, and creates opportunities to experience the joy of movement. CanGym is a national, progressive program that balances the physical, mental, and social aspects of sport in a unified way. 

CanGym is confident. CanGym is joyful. CanGym is grounded. CanGym is empowering.

CanGym’s Active Start module is one of five modules to be developed in this new online interactive platform. We invite you to stay tuned on the continued development of the new CanGym program. At this stage, Gymnastics Canada will be offering the CanGym Active Start program free of cost to one administrator per club (this applies to clubs registered with the respective provincial/territorial organization). Access will be limited to one administrator per club at this time.

To access the new CanGym pilot platform, please speak with your provincial/territorial organization to receive your member access code and register today:

Additionally, Gymnastics Canada is now offering the “old” CanGym program at no cost for member clubs. Please contact your provincial/territorial organization for access.

We are looking forward to seeing the CanGym Active Start program flourish in clubs from coast to coast as the technical developer team and the Gym for All committee continue to develop the next modules in the CanGym program!

For more information, contact:
Denise Alivantov
Manager, Member Services (Coach & Sport Development)
Gymnastics Canada