Club Excellence

Creating a network of healthy, strong, and sustainable sport clubs and sport organizations in Canada.  

The Club Excellence program was developed by a group of like-minded organizations who came together around the development and delivery of a national, workshop-based program designed to help sports clubs with quality programming, and effective club management practices. Club Excellence wants clubs and organizations to show their commitment to offering fair, safe, and open sport experiences to all of its members.   

As an association member of Club Excellence, Gymnastics Canada invests annually in the program to ensure a gymnastics voice in the direction of the program. Our involvement in the program also provides discounted rates for Club Excellence affiliation to all gymnastics clubs in Canada.  

Clubs from all affiliated organizations benefit from an integrated approach to club development – learning how to operate differently, plan ahead for challenges, and serve their members more effectively using the Club Excellence framework as a guide.  

Club Excellence has a reputation throughout the sport community for being a trustworthy and reliable brand, contributing to why becoming an affiliate with Club Excellence is a positive step for your club. Part of the program promises to ensure the ongoing integrity of the Club Excellence brand. Because clubs use the brand to convey a message of reliability and confidence to parents and administrators, the brand is strictly guarded.   

For more information on becoming an affiliate club with Club Excellence, please visit: 

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